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FAR Part 91/121/135 Air Carrier and 145 Repair Station Certifications
Operations Manuals and Training Programs

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Your "Repair Station Manual" will state exactly how your shop runs with details for quality assurance, capabilities and training.  We assist you to setup:

  • Methods for continuous improvement of processes

  • Internal self-audit programs

  • Personnel lists by title and responsibility

  • Detailed housing report

  • Documentation for calibration of test equipment

  • Supplier and vendor approval processes

  • Evaluation and monitoring

  • Capabilities List

Your "Training Program" will incorporate training for all personnel.

  • Differentiate between indoctrination, initial and recurrent training for technicians as required by regulations.

  • Maintain individual training plans and accurate records for FAA inspection.

  • Use a combination of on-the-job training (OJT), formal lesson plans and manufacturer input to achieve the best results.


Repair Station Manual Pricing

Description Description Price
Option 1 sku-1 100
option 2 sku-2 200
option 3 sku-3 300

Repair Station Training Program Pricing

Description SKU # Price
Option 1 sku-1 100
option 2 sku-2 200
option 3 sku-3 300

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