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FAR Part 91/121/135 Air Carrier and 145 Repair Station Certifications
Operations Manuals and Training Programs

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Part 145 Repair Stations

Already a Certified Repair Station? Update your old manual and add a training program.

PART 145.163(a) Training requirements:
A certificated repair station must have an employee training program approved by the FAA that consists of initial and recurrent training. 

For existing maintenance facilities or start-up businesses Why upgrade?

Give your customers the assurance that you have met all FAA safety requirements.
Open the door for additional business opportunities.

  • Qualify for work with Part 121/135 air carriers known to limit maintenance functions to Certified Repair Stations.

  • Provide work on radios, do static, altimeter tests (FAR 91.413/411) and other specialized services.

  • Become part of of a select group who can petition the Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) to provide service in Europe.

Add to the quality of your products with documentation that proves you achieved FAA approval.
Ensure that your employees are routinely trained to provide capable, up-to-date, and expert service.

Part 135 Certification
Flight Operations 135 Certification
Part 121 Certification

Flight Operations 121 Certification

Flight Operations 91 Ops Manuals

Flight Operations 91 sub K Ops Manuals




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